Have you ever felt that you were destined to do something? That's the way I feel about my photography. I am the son of a loving Mother who was born on Valentine's Day and an amazing Father, who when he was my age, was a wedding photographer himself . Growing up, we actually had a working darkroom in our basement and my Mom streamed countless hours of romance movies on the VHS player. She was a pure romantic and my Dad called her his beautiful bride her whole life. They were the most supporting parent when I was growing up. They always encouraged me and my creativity.

Here is a picture of 3yr old me getting my first Fisher Price camera on Christmas of 1988.



Flo Cube is an imaginary photographer, traveling the world aiming to inspire others. Telling unforgettable tales in lands far far away, beyond mountains, across seas, flying the mechanical bird from a to b. Photography has always been a passion of Flo Cube, and videography also has a soft spot in its heart.

Influenced by clean lines, subtle movements and bold typography, you’ll find Flo Cube has something to fit everyones needs. Offering you the opportunity to enhance your portfolio, and book the clients you’ve always desired.


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