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Give your guests one more reason to have even more fun a your wedding. The photo booth is one of the most simple things you can add to your wedding day that adds to your guests experience. The photo booth is completely self sufficient and does not require any staff to run. Your guests can be as ridiculous and silly as they can imagine. If you ask me, "the crazier the better!"

Like a traditional photo booth we have ours set to shoot 4 photos with a 3 seconds delay between each image. We use professional studio lighting and a high end camera camera that takes the photos to a whole new level. Unlike most current photo booths, we choose not to have a display screen. We have found that not having a screen allows people to connect to moment better and not themselves in this age of selfies. Make sure the photo booth is part of your wedding day and we will make sure that everyone is having a great time.

Print outs are available as an upgrade, but all of the images will be available for your guest to download and share within 24hrs. We have multiple 9x9 backdrop options and we bring all of the fun props for your guests to really get silly.

Glitzy - Gold Sequin
Modren - White & Grey
Classy - Black on Black
DIY - Choose your Own


"Let your guest be themselves and laugh a them a lot later!"